Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lydia's Birth Story

Well, Tuesday afternoon, August 4th, I had a midwife appt. She checked me and I was a good 2, almost 3 cm, but not effaced at all. (I remember the first half of my labors seemed to be mostly effacing and not so much dilation.) So, I asked her what I could do to encourage things along. She said that good, brisk walking was the best to get baby's head down there to put pressure on the cervix. That evening we took a walk and I did a couple lengths of brisk walking. Well, as briskly as a 9 month pregnant woman can! ;) I figured we would try and take some walks that week and maybe by the weekend or next week things would kick in.

At 1:15 am I got up to use the bathroom, I remember because I was sure it was like 4am, but the clock said otherwise. I went back to sleep and at 1:45am all the sudden I felt this gush. I thought, "Oh my gosh, did I just wet the bed?!" I got up and ran to the bathroom realizing that this had to be my water breaking because I had absolutely NO control over it. So, I called out to Daniel, "Babe, I don't want to freak you out, but I think my water just broke." You see, my water has never broken on it's own. I've always had to have it broken and usually in the midst of labor to speed things along. He got up and asked about my contractions. Well, they were very sporadic and not very hard or long. I called my midwife and told her what happened. (Interesting side note: With every labor it's been 2am when I've called her to let her know this was it.) She said to try to get some sleep and call her when active labor kicked in. Ok.

I go to bed and try to sleep. Not many contractions, but my mind was going a mile a minute. Finally about 4:30 I fell asleep. The next morning Daniel called his folks to let them know what had happened and tell them he wouldn't be coming into work. Also, to arrange for his mom to have the kids. I called Kathy (midwife) with an update and she said to get walking to kick things in gear. So, we decided to head down to the business, drop off the kids, and walk around Wichita where we would be close to the Birth Inn. (A house the midwife has set up for home births. Like a birthing center idea.)

Here we go!

We drop the kids off early afternoon and then Daniel and I walk all around Wichita. Whenever I was walking I would have contractions, but they still weren't very long or strong. Brenda (midwife's assistant) kept track of baby's heartrate to make sure there wasn't any infection and there was no checking of dilation until she was sure I was in active labor. That also helps prevent infection since my water had already broken.

Taking a little rest while walking around the mall.

Things were chugging along, but no real hard, regular contractions yet. Baby was still doing good, so we headed to the Birth Inn to settle in and keep walking. I remember around midnight thinking, "I could keep walking and try to get things going or I could try and get some rest before all the hard work comes." I decided to try for some rest. I got 15-30 minute stretches throughout the night, just waking up to time my contractions. They were about every 15 minutes or so. By 6:30 am I had to start focusing a little more with them. I called my midwife to update and she was happy. Things were progressing albeit SLOW. :) Then we went walking again!

Walking around the neighborhood.

Baby's heartrate was still doing well. As I kept walking my contractions finally get to being about 5-7 min. apart and there are some stronger ones thrown in. Kathy arrives at noon and checks me for the first time. We know things are happening now! I am at 5-6 cm and 90% effaced. I was hoping more like 8 or 9 cm, but whatever! I keep walking and things continue to pick up. She offers to give me some "labor candy" to speed things up at 1:00 and I decide to wait a little bit to see if things will just go on their own. I thought if things aren't flying by 2:00, I'll take some then.

Are we done yet?? (I did tell Daniel after Lydia was born that I did not want to go walking anytime soon!)

In the mean time, I might end up delivering with another mom here at the Birth Inn. There was a mom who thought she was in labor and when she goes, it's fast! So, we went in the room with the tub, because I was planning on a water birth, (So much better than non-water birth, in my opinion!!) and the other mom arrived to be checked and assessed. It ends up nothing was happening so she went back home. She delivered a week or so later, I believe.

Laboring in the tub.

Focusing during a contraction.

It's over. *smile*

"Ok, I'm ready to be done."

So, once she was sent home it's a little after 2 and I'm relaxing too much in this water. Let's try that labor candy. I'm just SO ready to be done by this point. It's been a long 2 days and I'm tired! At 2:20 I take some and usually it will kick in after about 30 minutes. Well, contractions kept coming of course and Kathy checked me again about 30 minutes later. Almost to complete now. She told me, "Bear down some with the next contraction, you'll be complete and baby will come flying out like a bullet." Sounds like a plan to me! 2 contractions and 2 pushes later, Lydia Faith was here at 3:02pm!!! A short 42 minutes after taking the "labor candy." Poor thing had some facial bruising and redness in her eyes from being pushed out so fast, but Mommy was so eager to meet her!

Lydia's here!!

Moments after birth.

See all the vernix? She was only 38 weeks along.

First bath.

We are all so thrilled she's here and loving her to pieces!

Happy Mom and Dad!!

Mommy and Lydia after birth.

Mommy and Lydia at 6 weeks. (She's gained a few pounds. :)

"Hi everyone!"

2 months!

Oh no, I've become one of "them"! You know, one of those people who like never updates their blog and you wonder why they even have one? I can't believe it's been over 2 months since my last post!

I am sitting here typing this one handed, holding the sweetest baby girl, eating lunch, and reprimanding kids. So, I'm not sure that I can promise more frequent posts, but I do want to get back into it. I'm hoping to post Lydia's birth story next with plenty of pictures, too.

So world, I am still here busy as ever and just wanted to give a shout out to ya!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


17 Weeks

Here are some pregnancy pics I have taken so far. I am 28 weeks along now, which means I am just starting my 3rd trimester. I have really been trying to savor this pregnancy since it will likely be my last one. :)

17 Weeks

I also want to really do better weight wise, since in the past I haven't been good in that area. If only I'd known how difficult it would be to lose the weight after wards!

17 Weeks

Healthy pregnancy weight is about 30 pounds they say. So far, at 28 weeks I've gained 18 pounds. Which leaves me 12 pounds to go and the 3rd trimester is when it can really pile on for me. I'm just taking it one day at a time.....

17 Weeks

I haven't had any real trouble, which is nice. I'm starting to get a bit uncomfortable at times, but nothing too bad. :)

17 Weeks

I am having soreness in my thighs, which I found out is due to my pelvic muscles spreading and preparing for delivery. Interesting... I never experienced this with my other pregnancies, but my midwife says it is normally after a few kids it becomes more noticeable. (I've noticed it also makes me feel like waddling or walking like an old woman! :P )

17 Weeks

Kind of like the after birth pains increase too, after multiple children. :S Oh well, I'm sure she will be worth it!!

24 Weeks

She has been moving more which is always cool! She doesn't move around as much as my other ones did, which I hope translates to a relaxed, calm, and peaceful baby/child. That would be much appreciated, seeing as she is number 5. :)

At times, I can even see her move around. My tummy does a little jump here or a wave there.

25 Weeks

The kids really like to talk to her or just say, "I love you, Baby!" to my tummy. So cute. They are beyond excited and full of questions, too. Especially Isaac, he is a really inquisitive one. Such as: "Does the baby eat the pizza you're eating?"

25 Weeks

I can always use prayers, so feel free to throw one out there for me from time to time. We'll probably be taking more pics soon. So, more to come......

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Missouri April 2009

I am still here, but I find Facebook to fit in better with my time. I do still plan to post on here, but as you can tell, it's not very frequent. :)

The kids wanted to go to the creek so bad, so on our first day there, Daniel took them to the little creek down by Koinania.

He suggested they build a little dam.

They all worked together, collecting rocks and building it.

The 2 youngest helping each other. :)

We went to Missouri for about 5 days and got to spend time with some great people! My sister Emily was there for a little bit, and her husband Jason, but he was there for really just a short time! April 26th was Emily's 25th birthday so we celebrated with a hayride (well technically a wagon ride since there was no actual hay. :) and some strawberry cream cheese pie, So yummy!

Getting ready to go.

In the middle of some fun conversation!

Abigail getting a turn riding with the drivers.

"Hi Joanna!"

Hannah's turn.

Isaac didn't want to go until after he saw his sisters give it a try. He really enjoyed it!

We got to see a foal that was just one day old! So cool.

Momma and baby

Abigail petting the horses.

Waylon, Emily, and Hannah meeting some other horses there.


Also, my cousins Gen & Waylon were there. Always love spending time with them, though it's not near often enough!! Her sis Sarah and her kids, Emma - 8 and Christian - 5. Our kids connected with hers so quick. It was great! They had such a blast together and were so disappointed when it was time to leave! Their mom Nancy and hubby Wayne came along, too. Lots of fun time together! Anyone who knows the Gibes, knows it's always a fun time when they're around!

Grandma's creek

A pic of the baby bump @ 24 weeks

There was a huge piece of a tree that was floating in the creek, so the girls had fun "riding" it.

Getting on

Isaac splashing around.

Climbing on the rocks and jumping to Daddy.

Gen was there, too.

Momma Amy at Grandma's Creek

The kids just love to be outside there. So much to do and explore! We had some great experiences. My parents have some pretty interesting neighbors. ;) So, they took us to visit one. They had recently gotten an alligator someone found in a nearby river.

Taking it out of the tank.

They taped it's mouth to protect everyone!

The kids trying to pet it.

Daniel held it so they all could have a chance to feel it's skin.

Isaac holding it. Obviously, he takes after daddy. :0

Back in the tank with some clean water.

The kids also got to feed their goats.

Trying to feed the goats after the dog scared them away.

We'll feed them in their pen.


On our last day there, we all went to Elephant Rock State Park. The kids had fun climbing around with Waylon! Then it was such a sad good-bye. :(

Hiking up to a lake. Here are some views of it. So picturesque!

Now to the rocks....

Waylon, Hannah, Abigail, and Christian

Posing for a pic

Isaac and Joanna

In a tree trunk

Climbing, climbing, climbing......

Hannah maneuvering her way through.

Isaac found this caterpillar and carried it with him, (except when he asked me to hold it) the whole way.

Hannah and Abby holding up the rock. ;)

One huge rock!

Waylon, Isaac, and Joanna climbing around.

Cute Isaac!


The moms chilling & talking while the kids and husbands explored.

Attempt at a family pic.

A turtle we saw in a different lake.

Joanna so wanted to ride on Waylon's shoulders, but was being shy.

Notice her hands clasped together, not touching Waylon at all!

Still clasped, but she enjoyed it so much that when she got down, she wanted right back up!

More climbing

Hannah, Abigail, Isaac, and Joanna

All the kids l-r: Christian, Hannah, Joanna, Abigail, Isaac, and Emma

"See our dirty behinds from the damp rocks?" :)

From there we drove halfway home and stayed the night in a hotel with a pool. The kids loved that! We didn't take any pictures though. :( It was such a fun trip and we look forward to spending time with all of them again!